MP Nokrach Appeals For Peace in Apaa

A man looks at his goats killed after violence in Apaa. MP William Nokrach has appealed for peace in the area

The member of parliament representing persons with disability in northern Uganda, William Wilson Nokrach has appealed for peace in Apaa as investigation on the disputed land is conducted.

Nokrach made the appeal with a group of elders from Amuru district.

The call comes after President Yoweri Museveni last week appointed another committee headed by Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah to investigate the Apaa land question.

Apaa which is claimed by both Adjumani and Amuru district. The Uganda Wildlife Authority(UWA) also claims the land is part of the East Madi Wildlife Reserve.

In an interview, Nokrach said he called on the community in Apaa to avoid further bloodshed and violence.

According to Nokrach, the community of Apaa has not given the government audience but instead resorted to violence.

Louis Okwonga Okeny, an elder from Amuru asked the community to embrace peace to avoid death and damage of property.

Reports from Apaa indicate that several armed men are still roaming the area and threatening to evict the community.

Last week a joint team of Uganda People`s Defence Force-UPDF and UWA rangers blocked traders from accessing Apaa Trading Centre.

The recently appointed committee led by Jacob Oulanyah ordered for a stop of evictions in Apaa.