In Gulu, Aguu Storm Industrial Area, Demand for Head of LC1 Chairman

Thugs commonly known in Gulu as ‘‘Aguu’ on last week stormed Industrial Area in Gulu town armed with sticks, iron bars, spears and pangas with chants in which they were demanding for the head of the LC1 Chairman of the area, Jino Otti.

The incident started at around 8pm on Thursday lasted for about two hours after the police and army intervened.

The thugs aged between 10 and 17 made chants that they wanted the head of Jino Otti, the Industrial Area LC1 Chairman who has recently launched a crackdown on thugs roaming and robbing residents of Industrial Area in Layibi Division, Gulu municipality.

The Aguu claim they were protesting against mistreatment by a vigilante group set up by Jino to check on crime.

Paul Andrew Ocan, the area defence secretary said they (local leaders) fled for their life after they were tipped of the impending Aguu attack.

By Friday morning, Mr Otti, the local area Chairman was still in hiding over fears that the Aguu could harm him.

The situation was rescued after heavily armed police officers and Uganda People`s Defence-UPDF soldiers fired live bullets to disperse the thugs.

Patrick Jimmy Okema the Aswa river region police spokesperson said 15 of the suspects have been arrested and are detained at Gulu Central Police Station.

Gulu Town has for years been battling with many cases of street children who have turned to crime. Police say the group is a security threat.

Several people have been attacked by the thugs and robbed off valuables in the night.