Gulu Local Court Penalizes Man for Having Sex with Brother`s Wife

A local council court in Gulu has penalized a man for having sex with his brother`s wife.

Michael Onek,46, was found having intercourse with 26-year old Beatrice Amono, a wife to Denis Rubangakene, Onek’s brother.

The trio are all residents of Ayweri village in Ayweri parish in Paibona Sub County, Gulu district.

John Somali Oringa, the Acut Omer LC1 chairperson says the lady left her marital home in Ayweri for her parent`s home in Acut Omer from where the accused man followed her.

Oringa disclosed the Onek was found having intercourse with Amono on her mother’s bed. They were reportedly found by Amono’s father, Michael Langala who reported the matter to the local authorities.

The LC1, Mr Oringa, said Onek appeared before the area local council from where he was caned 10 strokes and fined 200,000 shillings, a cow and goat which he was ordered to within two weeks.

Oringa said the goat and cow are for cleansing because having sex in the bed of one’s mother is an abomination in Acholi culture.