Medics Labour to Convince Men in Acholi to Circumcise

HIV/Aids experts are labouring to convince men in Acholi to go for Safe Medical Male Circumcisions despite.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), Safe Male Circumcisions is believed to be able to reduce the possibility of HIV infection by up to 60 percent.

Victor Rwengabo, the Zonal Coordinator for Uganda Aids Commission (UAC) for Gulu said despite the overwhelming evidence that circumcision reduces the risk of catching HIV/Aids, it has become increasingly difficult to convince men in Acholi sub region to undergo the medical procedure. The same challenge has been faced in Lango, according to Rwengabo.

According to the Uganda Aids Commission official, 85 percent of men in Acholi are not circumcised.  Rwengabo attributes it to socio cultural belief and myth surrounding safe male circumcision.

By 2020, Uganda had projected that 4 million males between the ages of 19 and 30 across the country would be circumcised. However, information from Uganda AIDS Commission shows that 703,997 men were circumcised in 2018– 2019 compared to 747,244 in 2017- 2018.