Nwoya District Stuck With 244 Liters of Expired Milk for Covid-19 Suspects and Patients

Nwoya district Coronavirus Taskforce is stuck with 244 liters of expired milk distributed for its coronavirus quarantine centre and Covid-19 patients.

The district on April 15th received 100 boxes of 500 milliliters milk from the Office of the Prime Minister for feeding suspects and patients of coronavirus disease at its isolation and treatment centres and were expected to expire on Tuesday 5th of May this year.

Patrick Okello Oryema, the Nwoya district chairperson said on Saturday that only six liters of the milk had been served to six people who are currently quarantined at the district`s isolation centre in Anaka Pope IX in Anaka Town Council.

The suspects are believed to have been in contacts with three truck drivers who tested positive for the respiratory disease and were intercepted in Pakwach district last week.

Oryema explained that the milk was only meant for suspects and patients of coronavirus district as guided by OPM.

He disclosed that they will now dispose them of or give to farmers rearing pigs since it has expired and may be harmful to human health if consumed.

However, Nwoya Resident District Commissioner, Agnes Akello Ebong who is also head of the district coronavirus taskforce said that a standpoint will be agreed upon by the community on Sunday during their meeting.

Uganda has confirmed 114 cases of coronavirus as of Saturday May 9, 2020.