16 Suspected Covid-19 Contacts Isolated in Gulu

Sixteen suspected contacts of a coronavirus patient have been isolated at Gulu School of Clinical Officers in Laroo division Gulu Municipality.

They were picked on Monday from Sultan Energy Petrol Station in Layibi division in Gulu Municipality where a positive Kenyan truck driver aboard his truck registration number KCY 263X/ZG 1891 was intercepted while trying to off load petroleum.

The suspects include a supermarket attendant at Sultan Energy Supermarket, two security guards at the petrol station, two pump attendants and other customers who were present at the petrol station by the time of interception among others.

The truck driver is among five others who tested positive for the disease on entry from Malaba border post in Kenya on Sunday.

Another Kenyan truck driver aboard his truck registration number KAX 598/ZD 8412 was also intercepted from Attiak Town Council in Amuru district on Sunday destined to South Sudan.

They have all been taken to treatment center at Gulu Main Hospital on Monday.

Patrick Odong Olwedo, Amuru district health officer says the positive cases are being transferred to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital.

Uganda has confirmed 121 cases of coronavirus as of Monday.