Nwoya District Speaker Arrested For Allegedly Burning Bailiffs Car

Nwoya Speaker Tony Okello

The Nwoya local government speaker Tony Okello has been arresting in connection with the burning of a bailiffs car.

Okello was arrested yesterday—Thursday—from Anaka and detained at Nwoya Central Police station. Eight other suspects have been arrested on suspicion of involvement in burning the car.

The suspects were on Friday transferred to Gulu. They are Richard Lakica, Bosco Odong, Pamela Akello, Isaac Okello, Tony Opiyo, Jimmy Odong, James Oringa and Simon Omal.

They allegedly on 22 March 2017 set a car registration number UAR 941H belonging to Jet Court Bailiff who had gone to the area to open up a land boundary. The incident happened in

Adibuk village, Langele Parish in Lii sub county in Nwoya district.

The bailiffs had gone to carry out a court order to open the boundary of a piece of land measuring 2,816 acres belonging to the late engineer Lalobo Ogwari which the community in the Adibuk is claiming.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa region police spokesman said the district speaker is suspected to have incited the community to carry out the attack on the baliffs.

“We shall continue to investigate some of the political leaders who are said to have been involved in the violent attack,’’ Okema said.

Simon Ongom Okwigi, the LCIII chairman of Lii sub County however said both the locals and the official of the sub county where not informed about the opening of the land boundary.

Conflicts over land are rampant not only in  post conflict northern Uganda, a decade after the end of conflict between the Ugandan government and the rebel Lords Resistance Army(LRA).