Police Summons MP Olanya Over Apaa

Gilbert Olanya(standing next to a policeman) has been summoned by police to assist in investigations in the afternath of the violent clashes over land in Apaa between the Madi and Acholi

Kilak South Member of Parliament in Amuru district Gilbert Olanya has been summoned by the Criminal Investigations Directorate in relation to the recent violent clashes between the Acholi and Madi tribes over land in Apaa which left nine dead, 27 injured and scores displaced.

Both Amuru and Adjumani districts are claiming Apaa. Government surveyors say the land is located in Adjumani district. Apaa residents and their political leaders dispute it and say the land is in Amuru district.

In a phone interview with Acholi Times Friday afternoon, Olanya said police summoned him through the office of the Speaker.

‘‘I have received it [summon] through the office of the Speaker’’ Olanya said adding ‘‘but it’s unfortunate because it shows how biased government is.’’

‘‘Eleven people were killed in Apaa. We have not yet found the body of seven more while   28 were injured and yet no suspects have been arrested by police,’’ Olanya said.

The exact number of the people killed, injured and displaced following the June violent conflict over Apaa is unclear.  Police say nine people died. The leaders say it’s more.

The police summon to Olanya is dated July 4th and is signed by the CID Director Criminal Investigations Grace Akullo.

Olanya was supposed to report to the police Friday afternoon[today] but he told Acholi Times that he won’t be able to because he is outside of Kampala.

‘‘I will go to police on Tuesday next week,’’ he said.

Madi and Acholi religious and cultural leaders have been working to address the fallout between the Acholi and Madi over Apaa with calls for a peaceful resolution of the  conflict.