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  • Opposition Leader Visits Apaa

      Opposition leader Aol Betty Ocan is today expected to lead a team of opposition members of parliament on a fact- finding mission to Apaa, the contentious area claimed by both Amuru and Adjumani residents. Mrs Ocan told Acholi Times last evening that she will lead a team of eight opposition members of parliament following […]

  • Judges Adjourn Ongwen’s Trial for Two Weeks for Doctors to Assess His Health

    Tom Maliti International Justice Monitor  Judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC) have adjourned the trial of Dominic Ongwen, a former commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), for two weeks to allow his lawyers have doctors assess his [Ongwen’s] health. Presiding Judge Bertram Schmitt, together with Judges Péter Kovács and Raul C. Pangalangan of Trial […]

  • Ongwen Trial Resumes Today

    Dominic OngwenTom Maliti, International Justice Monitor  The trial of Dominic Ongwen, a former commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), resumes at the International Criminal Court (ICC) after a break of nearly two months. From today, January 14, Ongwen’s lawyers will be calling the next set of witnesses they hope will help convince Trial Chamber […]

  • A history of successions in Patiko Chiefdom, Acholi region

          By Paul R Kilama (LLB London) In  the first of a series intended to coincide with about the same time as the installation of the new Rwot of Patiko Chiefdom, Rwot Collins Atiko Mutto 2nd, who succeeds his predecessor the late Rwot Jerimiah Bongojane who died in March, 2017,  Paul R Kilama […]

  • Who Loses When There Is Beef In The Music Industry

      By Emar Okanokodi In late 2016 a meeting was held in a boardroom of the office of the Gulu Residence District Commissioner (RDC) chaired by the RDC himself, Okot Santos Lapolo. In attendance were the District Police Commander, religious, cultural and political leaders and musicians. In mid-2016, a renowned comedian and singer in Acholi […]

  • The UPDF & The Monkey

      What about the UPDF? Is a question that officials of the International Criminal Court (ICC) have been asked endless times during outreaches in northern Uganda. In response, ICC officials have for years had a near- standard response: We don’t have evidence to warrant issuing arrests warrants for elements within the UPDF. To many in northern […]

  • Beatrice Anywar’s Self- Dug Political Grave

    Double- think, wrote the English writer George Orwell in his classic ‘‘1984’’, is to ‘‘to know not to know, to hold two simultaneous opinion …knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them’’. Kitgum Municipality Member of Parliament Beatrice Anywar stunningly voted for the removal of article 102(b) from the constitution to allow […]

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