Gulu Gives One Week Ultimatum For Balalo To Leave

Gulu district Chairman Ojara Martin Mapenduzi


Gulu district has given a one week ultimatum for Balalo pastoralists to leave the district.

The ultimatum was given by Gulu district Chairman Martin Ojara Mapenduzi during the 10th full council meeting at the Gulu district council hall.

The pastoralists majorly from the Eastern and Central Uganda were given until Wednesday next week to leave the district.

Mr Mapenduzi says the pastoralists are operating illegally in the district, have become a security threat and contributed to increasing domestic violence in households who fight over money paid by the Balalo for renting land.

Mapenduzi explained that the decision to expel the Balalo followed a meeting held by security organs and leaders in the district after a directive by the president that the Balalo be evicted.

Most of the Balalo, according to Mapenduzi, are in Awach, Patiko, and Palaro sub counties.

The Gulu district council chaired by deputy speaker Walter Tootika unanimously agreed on the expulsion of the Balalo.