17 Gulu University Students Detained Over Age Limit Protest

The arrested Gulu University students at Gulu Central Police(Photo by Willy Choowo)

Police in Gulu on Wednesday arrested and detained 17 Gulu university students over an anti- age limit demonstration.

The students, mostly males gathered at the university play grounds in Laroo division, meters away from the University main campus wearing red ribbons on their heads.

Red Ribbon on the head has become a symbol for those opposed to striking off the upper age limit of 75 years from the constitution. The ruling NRM party yesterday tabled before parliament a bill asking for the removal of the age limit. The move was protested by Opposition MPS, 25 of whom were suspended out of the House by the Speaker, after which they were forcefully ejected from parliament by police and security operatives.

The Gulu university students were arrested in an operation led by led by John Bosco Nyangkol, the officer in-charge of operations.

Police stormed the grounds were the students were gathered arrested and whisked the away.

Nyangkol said the students are being detained at Gulu Central police station. He identified their leader as Daniel Basera, a former contestant for the university`s guild presidency.

Nyankol said the students did not seek and get clearance from police to demonstrate.

Robert Ayeke the acting Gulu district police commander said they are making consultations on which charges to prefer against the students.

Members of the ruling NRM party are seeking for scrapping of article 102 (b) from the constitution which caps the presidential age at 75 years. Critics say it’s meant to primarily benefit President Yoweri Museveni, 73, who will be beyond the 75- year old cap in 2021 when Uganda holds presidential elections.