Two Suspects Arrested In Connection With Murder Of Pader Mobile Money Agent

Police spokesman Jimmy Patrick Okema (holding a gun)

Police in Pader district is holding two men in connection with the murder of a mobile money agent.

Moses Mambo, 31, was shot three times—on the chest, thigh and head—killing him instantly.

The gunmen attacked him on Sunday this week at his shop in Acholi-Bur Trading Centre along Lira-Kitgum road.

The assailants took off with the victim’s bags containing an unspecified amount of money.

Police say two suspects have been arrested and that they are still searching for the killer gun as well as looking for accomplices in the murder.

Police spokesman Jimmy Patrick Okema declined to name the suspects but said they had been found with a map of Acholibur. Okema also said the suspects also had plans of their attack and name of their victim.

Meanwhile police in Nwoya district has arrested a motorcycle boda boda taxi operator in connection with the robbery of 40 million shillings from an Indian businessman and a lorry driver.

Roddy Pavan and the driver, John Lwanga were attacked by unidentified man armed on a motorcycle armed with a Semi- Automatic Gun (SMG).

Pavan and Lwanga were shot at by the armed man at on Monday at 4pm at Wianono in Purongo Sub County, Nwoya district. The two men are admitted at St Mary’s Hospital Lacor in Gulu. The men are employees of Chief Distillers Limited, a company that manufactures waragi.

The assailant sped off in a motorbike from the scene but later were later found engaged in a gun battle with police guarding a commercial farm. The gunman, however, escaped. The boda- boda rider suspected to have ferried the gunman is in police detention.