Garbage, Old Buildings Undermine Gulu’s City Dream, Says Minister Musumba

The State Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Isaac Isanga Musumba, dances during commission of new roads in Gulu town on Thursday ( Photo by James Owich)

Isaac Isanga Musumba, the State Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development has pointed out that poor garbage management and old buildings are likely to stand on Gulu’s way to attain a city status.

Minister Musumba observed that there are dozens of grass-thatched structures, old buildings, bushy empty commercial plots and unpaved walkways dotted around making Gulu town look untidy.

Musumba says despite its dream to become a city in 2018/2019, unless the dilapidated structures are brought down and new ones erected, it will take a lot of consideration to grant Gulu a city status.

Musumba was speaking on Thursday at Pece War Memorial Stadium during the ground breaking ceremony for construction of new roads funded by World Bank.

He advised Gulu Municipal Council officials to formulate a by-law that will deal those who litter the town with garbage like plastic water bottles.

Gulu town residents generate about 75 tons of waste daily but only 50 tons are collected and disposed- off properly.

The remaining 25 tons end up on road sides, drainage system and open spaces among others.

But Gulu Mayor George Labeja defiantly declared that if government fails to declare Gulu a city, they [the leadership] will go ahead to declare it a city.

Labeja said over the years, Gulu town has been improving with new streets paved.