Museveni Blames MP Gilbert Olanya For Blocking Investment In Amuru


President Museveni has once more blasted MP Gilbert Olanya for blocking development in Amuru and northern Uganda

President Yoweri Museveni has accused Gilbert Olanya, the Member of Parliament for Kilak South County in Amuru district of frustrating government in northern Uganda.

President Museveni explained that he (Olanya) has for long has been against the giving of land for setting up investment in Amuru district.

Speaking on Mega FM in Gulu town on Wednesday evening, Museveni scoffed at Olanya for engaging in what he termed petty politics by rallying land owners against giving land for investment.

Museveni noted that Olanya has forgotten that the money he (Olanya) withdraws as his salary has been earned from taxes paid by investors to government.

The President described Olanya as someone who is not only bad for the growth of the economy of Uganda but for Africa as a continent adding that the legislator is a typical example of bad leaders the country has.

Museveni was responding to questions raised by Olanya on the issues regarding the proposed amendment of the article 26 of the land act.

In his letter dropped at Mega FM, Olanya questioned the President why investors are valued more than landowners when it comes to acquisition of land for putting up investments.

Other issued raised by the MP was why government was always been in the forefront when it comes to securing land for foreign investors.

This is not the first time President Museveni has attacked Olanya over land for investment.

In August 2015, while commissioning, Attiak- Juba Highway, Museveni blamed Olanya for making the residents of Amuru district poor.

He noted that as a leader, Olanya has blocked Amuru Sugar Works Project, an investment the President said will create jobs for locals in Amuru.

Since 2009, Olanya and other MPs from Acholi sub region have been accused of blocking the Madhvani Group of Companies from acquiring 40,000 hectares of land for sugarcane growing in the district in Lakang in Amuru Sub County, Amuru district.