Uganda Captured By Lies, Says President Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni said on Mega FM last night that Uganda had been captured by liars

President Yoweri Museveni has said Uganda has been captured by lies, faulting radio stations for allowing the Opposition to spread lies.

Mr Museveni was speaking on Mega FM Wednesday evening, the third of his nationwide campaigns purportedly aimed at sensitizing Ugandans on the land amendment bill.

Prior to his appearance on Mega FM, Museveni spoke on Radio Unity in Lira.

The president says his national wide radio talkshows are meant to educate the public on land amendment bill which if passed would enable government to take over land for public works before compensating owners.  The president argues that public development works have been hindered due to land owners hiking prices on becoming aware of construction of public infrastructures like roads.

But critics to the land bill say it is a ploy by the rich in government to grab land from the poor.

On his Wednesday evening, the president expressed dismay at what he termed the amount of lies that radio stations spread and that Uganda had become a country of ‘‘gopa’’(Luo word for lies).

‘‘I have not seen any country in the world which has been captured by Gopa,’’ the president said.

He blamed radio stations for not adhering to journalistic quality standards thus allowing ‘‘rubbish’’ to go on air.

The president further blamed radio stations for allowing Opposition leaders to use their radio stations to spread lies.

‘‘Lying is the fruit of the Opposition,’’ remarked the president saying such Opposition politicians are thieves who to grab land or buy  them cheaply and sell expensively to investors.

Mr. Museveni further refuted allegations that his government want to forcefully grab land from the locals in northern Uganda and give it to investors.

The president is currently on a nationwide radio campaign to ‘‘sensitize’’ the public on land. His critics say the land talk may also be a red herring meant to divert public attention from the contentious bill currently before parliament to scarp the upper age limit cap of 75 years which would make Museveni ineligible to stand in 2021.