Loketo Lee, Ex Singer- Turned Crime Preventer Arrested In Gulu For Extortion

Loketo Lee in his days as a struggling artist before he became a Crime Preventer (Internet Photo)

He was once a budding singer known for planting stories about himself in the gossip press. But on Saturday, Geoffrey Onega aka Loketo Lee was arrested for something entirely different: impersonating as a policeman  and conning off a Gulu resident 70,000 shilling.

Loketo Lee who some might remember  for his one- hit wonder –‘‘we don’t care, we don’t mind,’’– was picked up on Saturday after Charles Atube recorded a case with police that Loketo Lee had conned him.

Atube alleged that  the ex- singer came to him saying he had been sent by the Gulu District Police commander to help Atube in a deal he[Lee] did not disclose.

Atube, 50, a resident of Lapainat East in Koro sub county Omoro district says he gave Loketo Lee 70,000 shilling. It is yet unclear as to what motivated Atube to give Loketo Lee  the 70,000 shilling.

Loketo Lee who some might remember as a struggling artist surfaced among Crime Preventers in the heat of last year’s general elections. Police said the Crime Preventers were recruited to help with community policing. But critics including human rights activists and opposition politicians said they had been recruited to help the ruling NRM party.

On many occasions Loketo Lee could be seen on the streets of Gulu swaggering while decked in police uniform.

Police in Gulu confirmed  his arrest and said he had been charged with extortion.  He was  however released on bond as police continues with investigation.