Lamwo Farmer Demands Cash In Exchange For Unexploded Bomb

Unexploded ordinances before being destroyed by the UPDF

Security forces in Lamwo district are persuading a local farmers to surrender a 62MM that he recovered from the bush.

The farmer, identified by police only as Obol is demanding for unspecified amount of cash from bomb experts under the 5th Division Infantry Army Headquarters based in Acholi Pii in Pader district before he can hand over the Rapid Propel Grenade (RPG).

During the resettlement process in northern Uganda, a section of nongovernmental organizations offered cash incentives to individuals who recovered Unexploded Ordnances (UXOS).

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa Region Police Spokesperson described Obol’s conduct as ignorance.

Okema said the bomb poses a big risk to Obol and his family.

A similar case was also recently reported in Gulu where a local leader refused to handed over a 66M bomb to bomb experts.

Walter Totika, the Deputy Speaker for Gulu District Local Council condemned the act and warned residents against keeping such dangerous weapons.

The police and army have over the years numerously told members of the public to notify them as soon as they come across unexploded ordinances.