MP Olanaya Refuses To Return Age Limit Consultation Cash

The ”age limit money” for consultation has left the Opposition divided on whether to use or not. Some legislators have returned the money while others like Gilbert Olanya have said they will use the money for ”service delivery” to their constituency

Kilak South Member of Parliament Gilbert Olanya has refused to return the 29 million shilling given to Members of Parliament to consult their constituents on the bill before parliament to remove the upper age limit of 75 years for one to stand for president.

Olanya argued that handing back the cash will benefit only a few individuals. Instead Olanya said he will use 25 out of the 29 million for ‘‘service delivery’’ in his constituency. Among others, the MP said, the money will be used for repairing access roads, fueling an ambulance he purchased for his constituency and repairing broken boreholes.

Olanya said he would pay 10 million shilling to two petrol stations—Don and Stabex for fueling two ambulances so that people fin need can access the ambulances.

Additionally, Olanya said another 9 million would be used to repair 30 broken boreholes and another 6 million for buying 50 culverts for road repairs.

MPs were given 29 million shillings to facilitate consultation of their constituents on the controversial lifting of the upper age limit in the 1995 constitution.