Omoro Plans To Transform Nodding Treatment Centre Into Special Needs School

Ketty Adoch, 17, a Nodding Syndrome sufferer (L) having light moment with Christine Apio (R), a former staff of Hope for Humans. The centre was expected to close on December 30 due to financial constraints.

Omoro District Local Government authorities are hatching a plan to transform Hope for Humans Nodding Syndrome Treatment Centre into a school that will offer special needs education to children living with disabilities.

The treatment centre which is found in Akoyo village in Odek Sub County was set up in May 2012 by Dr Suzan Gazda, an American neurologist to offer treatment to children in Acholi sub suffering from the nodding diseases which affects the brain of children.

But due financial constraint, the centre was expected to close on December 30.

Douglas Peter Okello, the Omoro District LCV Chairman reveals that the centre will turn centre into a school for the deaf with support from the central government.

Okello explains that the centre will offer great opportunities for children living with disabilities to enable them have access to special needs education.

Okello also noted that children with hearing impairment and those who are physically disabled does not have any single institution which caters for their needs.

According to the Omoro the District LCV boss, the district does not have a single school for children with special needs.

Currently the Nodding Syndrome Centre offers music therapy and special education to 29 children.