Gulu RDC Cautions Media

Gulu RDC Captain Okot Santos Lapolo


Gulu Resident District Commissioner Captain Okot Santos Lapolo has warned the media against spreading what he termed sectarian propaganda.

Lapolo claims his office has received complaints against the media from a cross section of the public allegedly because the media is promoting sectarian information in the print and electronic media.

Lapolo made the claims in a 24 January letter copied to media houses in Gulu and the Northern Uganda Media Club, a Gulu- based media development and umbrella organization for journalists.

The RDC’s letter was vague on the specific accusations against the media.

‘‘Some of these propagandas are in the print and media broadcast and the radio stations,’’ the RDC’s unclear letter partly read.

Lapolo threatened that his office will not hesitate to take ‘‘disciplinary action’’ on media houses promoting hatred and un- researched information.

The office of the RDC is not mandated by any law to act as a media regulator in Uganda that responsibility is for the Uganda Communications Commission.