Gulu Prepares to Relocate Headquarters to Awach to Pave Way for City

Gulu district Chairman Ojara Martin Mapenduzi

Gulu district is making preparations to move its headquarters to Awach Town Board in Awach Sub County, as Gulu Municipality awaits elevation to a city.

Awach Sub County was recently split into two, creating new Sub Counties of Pukony and Paibona.

Martin Ojara Mapenduzi, the Gulu district LCV Chairperson told journalists at his office on Monday that with support from Makerere University, Department of Surveys and Physical Planning, planning of Awach Town Board has already kicked off.

Mapenduzi said the physical planning report once out will help in the better planning of the proposed  Gulu headquarters.

Mapenduzi revealed that it has already been resolved to elevate Awach Town Board into a Town Council.

Awach Town Board was planned six years ago and sits on piece of land with a radius of 2km. According to Mapenduzi, Awach will further be expanded by a radius of 2km.

The planned new headquarters of Gulu district, Mapenduzi said, will need land for a district headquarters, a stadium, water and electricity facilities, and other public utilities.

The next council meeting for Gulu Local Government will plan for funds to cater for the relocation of Gulu local government headquarters, according to Mapenduzi.

In the 2018/2019 financial year, Gulu approved a budget of 25 Billion Shillings.

The Gulu Town Clerk, Francis Barabanawe said the municipality expects to be elevated to a city by July 2019 with two divisions.

The divisions will either be named Gulu East and Gulu West or Laroo – Pece and Bar-Dege- Layibi.

The  proposed names have already been submitted to the ministry of local government, Mr Barabanawe, the Gulu Municipality Town Clerk said.