Gulu District Collects 600 Million From Charcoal Dealers

Sacks of impounded charcoal. Gulu district collected 600 million from levying fines on illegal charcoal dealers

Gulu district has realised UGX 600 million in fines and penalties levied on illegal charcoal and log business.

The district forest officer, James Ocaka revealed in an interview that the money was raised in the first quarter of the financial year 2018/2019.

The district has been charging between UGX 10,000 and 20,000 on each bag of charcoal and fining trucks impounded with charcoal and logs.

Ocaka revealed that Palaro, Awach and Paibona sub counties have been hit hardest by indiscriminate tree cutting.

He revealed that a recent study in Gulu indicates that 50% of forests have been destroyed.

The most affected tree species include Africana Afzelia, Shea and Mahogany.

Gulu district vice chairperson, Simon Peter Oola who also heads the charcoal taskforce said the money from the illegal charcoal trade will go towards supporting schools and health centres in the district.

Some of the logs impounded will go towards making furniture for disadvantaged schools, said Oola.