Five Armed South Sudanese Arrested in Amuru

Five armed South Sudanese were on Thursday night last week arrested at Attiak Sugar plantation in Amuru district.

The five were arrested during  what was described by police as routine patrol by the Uganda Peoples Defence (UPDF) soldiers.

Police has identified the arrested South Sudanese as Joseph Laju, James Koma, Briton Ambanya, Madi Anzo and Peter Wani.

Patrick Jimmy Okema the Aswa river region police spokesperson  confirmed the arrest and said the five are being detained at the 4th Division barracks in Gulu.

Preliminary investigation by police indicates that some elements in South Sudan are claiming some of the land on which Attiak Sugar is growing sugarcane for sugar production.

Attiak Sugar factory in Attiak sub county Amuru district borders South Sudan—with River Unyama, a  tributary  of the Nile serving as the boundary between Uganda and South Sudan.

Parts of northern Uganda that borders South Sudan regularly witness incursions by armed elements from South Sudan which has had a long history of armed conflict and proliferation of small arms.