23 Gulu Youth Charged With Conspiracy to Commit Felony, Threatening Violence

Police have preferred charges of conspiracy to commit felony and threatening violence against 23 youths who threatened to murder a local LC1 chairperson in Gulu town.

Hundreds of the rowdy youths a fortnight ago attacked the office of the Industrial area local chairperson, Jino Otti at Library parish in Layibi division, Gulu municipality.

They threatened to kill the LC1 and his executives on allegations that the local leaders had formed a vigilante group that has waged a war on the youth, suspects in robberies, break-ins, and night attacks on unsuspecting residents of Gulu town.

Armed with knives, iron bars, pangas, house breaking equipment, boulders and clubs, the youths destroyed all documents and furniture at the LC1`s office and attacked several other roadside businesses.

The unrest lasted for hours leading to heavily armed policemen and soldiers to fire live bullets to rescue the situation. 18 of the youth were arrested on the night of the scuffle and another five after.

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Aswa river region police spokesperson said on Monday last week that the suspects have been charged with conspiracy to commit felony and threatening violence.

They are expected to appear before court once their files are sanctioned.

Some of the youth were found in possession of opium.  Police is investigating rumours that the youths had two Sub Machine Guns and a pistol as they executed the attack on the offices of the local council leadership of Industrial Area.