Amuru RDC Accused of Extorting 30 Million

Amuru Resident District Commissioner (RDC), has been accused of extorting UGX 30 million from a land owner in Lakang Sub County Amuru district.

Geoffrey Kilama told Acholi Times on Tuesday last week in Gulu that Auma through her driver Patrick Okeng demanded for UGX 30 million from him so that he could receive the balance of payment for his land.

Kilama says he was supposed to be paid UGX 160 million for his 152 acres of land but had only received 70 million in the first phase and left with a balance of 90 million shillings.

The land is located in the Amuru Sugar Project area in Kololo Sub County which is to be undertaken by Madhavani Groups of company.

Kilama narrated that the RDC`s driver told him that he would only receive the balance after giving UGX 30 million to the RDC who was in charge of authorizing payments.

Kilama further revealed that he withdrew the money from his bank account on March 21st this year and gave the 30 million shillings demanded for by the RDC to her driver.

But RDC Agness Linda Auma vehemently denied the allegations saying it was a concoction meant to defame her. She told Acholi Times on phone that Kilama had a misunderstanding with his wife only identified as Beatrice a reason which prompted the blockage of his account.

The RDC threatened to take legal action against Kilama for tarnishing her reputation.

Government has so disbursed 10 billion shillings for compensating 150 land owners who are living within the Amuru Sugar Project area in Lakang Sub County Amuru district.

Additional reporting by Jesse Johnson James