Gulu Cleric Faults Gov`t Over Poverty

A catholic priest in Gulu town has attacked government over its failure to address poverty.

Reverend Father Justine Erick Uma, the parish priest of Holy Rosary Catholic Parish, said government wants majority of the population to live poorly and be beggars.

While presiding over mass at Holy Rosary Church in Gulu town on Sunday, Father Uma said the government of President Yoweri Museveni has failed to address abject poverty even after 30 years in power.

He explained that government of other African countries like Rwanda is improving the status of its while only a few are benefiting in Uganda through primitive accumulation of wealth.

‘‘This government has for 30 years failed to create wealth among citizens. Only a few people are benefiting,’’ Uma said.

Uma further told the congregation that many people will be forced out of the urban centres as some municipalities are being elevated to city statuses because they will not afford the cost of living.

‘‘With this city statuses you will be forced to leave your homes; it is still on the roads next will be permanent structures which you cannot afford,’’ Fr Uma said while referring to the ongoing road construction in Gulu municipality.

The priest also faulted Ugandans especially the Acholi community for selling land and drinking the money.

‘‘We Christians are lazy people; we want people to work for us. We are selling off our land only for drinking.’’

The 2018 Uganda Bureau of Statistics National Household Survey Report shows that the proportion of people living in poverty now stands at 8 million which is an indication that 21.4% of Ugandans are living in poverty.

President Museveni who is on a countrywide tour to sensitize Ugandans on poverty blamed Ugandans for over sleeping, lacking prioritization, and extravagance— factors which he said are contributing to poverty.

Museveni told leaders from Acholi Sub Region in May this year that government through its different projects such as Operation Wealth Creation-OWC, National Agricultural Advisory Services-NAADS, and Youth Livelihood Projects among others is promoting household income.