Nwoya District Without Labour Officer For 10 Years

Nwoya district is operating without a labour officer ten years after it became operational.

Nwoya was curved out of Amuru district in 2009.

Patrick Okello Oryema, the Nwoya Chairperson says blames lack of funding from the central government for the inability to recruit a labour officer.

Mr Oryema explained that the absence of a labour officer has impacted on the capacity of the district to enforce labour laws.

Tonny Okello, the Nwoya district council Speaker further adds that the district is stuck with hundred cases on labour laws violations including breach of contracts, inhumane treatment of employees, child labour and sexual harassment, among others.

Okello says the district council in April this year passed a resolution for the district to expeditiously recruit a labour officer due to alarming violations of workers` rights and breach of labour laws especially in commercial farms, many of them located in Nwoya.

Labour officers in Uganda are legally empowered to engage in labour inspection activities including securing the enforcement of legal provisions relating to conditions of work, supplying technical information and advice to employers and employees.

The National Employment Policy for Uganda 2011 also provides for labour officers to attribute between workers and employers on undesirable working conditions.

The Employment Act of 200, provide that labour officers should be appointed in each district but this is not being implemented due to budgetary limitations.