South Sudanese Police Officer Dies in Gulu After Latrine Collapses

A South Sudanese Police Detective  has  been killed in a  freak accident  in Gulu after a latrine he was using collapsed. The accident occurred Saturday morning in Kanyagoga ‘A’ sub-ward in Bar- Dege Division, Gulu Municipality.

Police has identified the dead South Sudanese national as Daniel Deng Bol, 39. He was found inside the latrine after he failed to return to the house in which he was sleeping.

According to Police, Deng is a South Sudanese police officer in  the border town of Nimule  and was in Gulu to seek for medical treatment.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson told a press briefing on Monday that post-mortem conducted on Deng’s body indicates that he suffocated to death after falling in the pit latrine.The post-mortem was conducted from Gulu Regional Referral Hospital by police surgeons.

Police has since preferred charges of rush and negligence on Martin Kitara, the landlord where the victim’s sister rents a house. The incident has raised concerns among Gulu town residents on the condition of sanitary facilities within the municipality.