100 Illegal Charcoal Dealers Evicted From Attiak Sub County

Attiak LC3 Chairman, Wilfred Odiya Baguma

Security has arrested and evicted more than 100 illegal charcoal dealers from Attiak Sub County in Amuru district.

The dealers were arrested from Apany village in Okidi Parish on Monday last week during a joint operation by the Uganda People`s Defence Force (UPDF).

Wilfred Odiya Baguma, the Attiak Sub County Chairperson said the charcoal dealers were detained at Attiak Youth Multi-Purpose Hall and on Tuesday evening before being transported out of the district.

According to Baguma, the authorities confiscated eight power saw machines used by the dealers to fell trees, impounded 200 bags of charcoal, and destroyed the dealers’ bush camp.

Baguma disclosed that the charcoal dealers were made to sign a memorandum of understanding with the district never to return to the district for illegal charcoal business.

The charcoal confiscated was auctioned and the money raised used for hiring a truck to transport the dealers out Amuru to Kamdini in Oyam district where they were dropped.

Victor Nahabwe, the Aswa river region police deputy police commander confirmed the operation and said it was entirely manned by the UPDF.

Acholi Times was unable to obtain comments from the Amuru Resident District Commissioner, Agnes Linda Auma and Fourth Division Army Spokesperson, Major Caesar Otim Olweny.

Last year more than 100 illegal charcoal dealers were evicted from the same parish. Michael Lakony the Amuru district chairperson says trading in charcoal remains illegal in Amuru.

The charcoal dealers reportedly use power saws to fell trees for both charcoal and logs.