NUSAF Supplier In Loggerheads With Amuru District Over Payment

A company that supplied oxen and ox-ploughs in Amuru district under the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF)III is struggling to receive 192 million shilling for supplies made last year.

A & O General Limited Uganda on 2nd September 2019 supplied 160 oxen and 80 ox-ploughs to 20 groups under NUSAF III.

The suppliers were made to groups in Okidi and Pawel parishes in Attiak Sub County, Amuru district.

The supplier, according to a contract awarded to the company, was expected to receive 199 million shillings for the animals, ox-ploughs, ear tagging, vaccination and transportation within a period of two weeks.

However, the payment was not made as agreed after Amuru district blocked accounts of the groups to whom the supplies had been made stating that the contract for supply was not properly awarded and the groups did not follow the right procedure.

Francis Ocen, Director A&O General Limited Uganda, said on Friday that his company has made several failed attempts to get paid consequently leading to him seeking redress in court through Odonga & Company Advocates.

According to Ocen, he was supposed to be paid a million shilling for each ox.

Amuru district vice chairperson John Bosco Ocan says that the groups were only required to source for a supplier but not to purchase the oxen and ox-ploughs. Ocen added that the district cannot release money for the suppliers for fear of being penalised by the office of the Inspectorate of Government (IGG).

Ocan further explained that the district has engaged the office of the IGG, Office of Prime Minister In-charge of NUSAF3 and the supplier with view of asking the supplier to reduce the price of each ox to 950,000 shillings and to settle the matter out of court.

The supplier said he agreed to settle the matter out of court but demanded that the payment be made not later than next week.