Gulu Municipal Development Forum Boss Accused of Attacking Journalist

George Aligech Lapir, the President Gulu Municipal Development Forum has been accused of attacking Willy Chowoo a journalist and News Editor at Choice FM, a Gulu-based radio.

Aligech allegedly stormed Choice FM on Tuesday where he found Chowoo with the Choice FM manager, Nelson Obol among other staff.

A furious Aligech reportedly forced his way inside the reception and grabbed a smart phone and attempted to grab Chowoo by the neck prompting the Mr. Obol to intervene.

Chowoo disclosed said on Wednesday morning that Aligech uttered abuses and verbal attacks against him and threatened his family and life.

‘‘Next time it is going to be bloody,’’ Chowoo quotes Aligech as having told him.

The journalist has reported a case of threatening violence against him at Gulu Central police.

Aligech confirmed during a phone interview on Wednesday morning that he attacked the journalist noting that Chowoo has been attacking his personality on social media for the last three years.   He said that he is ready to face police whenever he is summoned. According to Aligech, Chowoo is motivated by politics and is tarnishing his reputation.

It is still unclear whether the attack emanated from a social media comment Chowoo made on his Facebook page alleging that the Gulu Municipal Development Forum has let the people of Gulu down by not having a shared vision about Gulu City.

‘’The President of Gulu Municipality Development Forum let us down, the city does not have a shared vision and that does not include us anymore,’’ the comment read.

This is the third time Chowoo Willy has been in trouble over his social media posts. In 2018 he was arrested for allegedly defaming American national Carole Ward, the Director of Favour of God Ministries.  In the same year he was also arrested for allegedly defaming the Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda Johnson Gakumba in a post alleging that the Bishop had burnt Catholic articles of worshiping during a month-long crusade held in Gulu Town.

George Aligech Lapir in 2016 contested for the office of Gulu Municipal Lord Mayor but lost to George Labeja. He has expressed interest in running for the position of Gulu City Lord Mayor in 2021.