NWSC to Increases Gulu Water Supply to 50 Million Litres per Day

The National Water and Sewerage Cooperation-NWSC Gulu Branch is seeking to increase water supply within Gulu City.

Ivan Tekakwo, the NWSC Gulu Branch Public Relations said that water supply within Gulu city will be increased to 50 million liters per day up from the current 7 million liters.

He disclosed that the NWSC already signed a memorandum of understanding with Fitchner Water and Transportation Project under the Integrated Programme to Improve the Living Conditions in Gulu.

Tekakwo explained that Fitchner through the multi-billion project will construct water pipes to draw water from Karuma to Gulu City while NWSC shall be in charge of treating and supplying the population.

He added that under the project NWSC will generate over 40 million liters of water for adequate supply to the population of Gulu City with a projection of massive increase within the next ten years coupled with higher demand for clean water.

Currently NWSC Gulu branch generates not more that 10 million liters of water from Oyitino Dam in Patiko Sub County to supply a population of 200,000.

Gulu City Council Speaker, Peter Okwera Onen says that the increased water supply within the city was signed between Gulu Municipal Council, NWSC, and Fitchner Water and Transportation under the Integrated Programme to Improve the Living Conditions in Gulu with funding from Germany’s KfW Development Bank in 2017.

The Speaker added that the project is supporting the construction of a waste treatment plant in Aywee Sub Ward, Gulu East Division at a tune of 82 billion shillings.

The developments have come at a time when Gulu City is grappling with frequent irregular water supply by NWSC in Gulu and poor waste management.