Caretaker Demands 1.5M From Tortured Omoro Grandmother

There was disbelief on Wednesday evening after a lady who nursed an 82-year old woman who was battered by her grandson demanded for one million and five hundred thousand shillings in compensation for her services.

The committee instituted to rehabilitate the torture victim, Lucy Anek and construct for her a permanent house were astonished after Christine Akello demanded 1.5 million shillings as reward for her services.

Anek was on the 12th of April of this year battered by her grandson Brian Okello from their home in Amilobo Village Patuda parish Ongako Sub County, Omoro district.

Okello was later arrested by police charged with attempted murder and aggravated torture and consequently jailed for seven years.

Well-wishers headed by Flama Medical Centre Director Teddy Flavia Okello immediately instituted a committee to fundraise for the tortured woman.

The committee raised 19 million shillings and constructed for her a two roomed permanent house at a cost of 15 million shillings, leaving a balance of 3.3 million shillings.

On Wednesday evening the committee headed by Teddy Flavia Okello and two members of the victim`s family Innocent Opiyo and Christine Akello converged at Flama Medical Centre to handover the cash balance of the money and dissolve the committee.

But before the handover of the money, Akello who had been taking care of Anek since April 14th of this year when she was hospitalized at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital and Flama Medical Centre respectively demanded for half of the money.

Akello noted that she dedicated all her time to nurse the battered mother who is her aunt and did not have time for her garden work as well as other economic activities for her livelihood.

It took several minutes for the committee together with Anek and her son Innocent Opiyo to agree on whether Akello must be given money for her services or not.

However, the torture victim`s son Opiyo pleaded with his mother to give Akello 600,000 shillings for the care she gave her. It was later handed over to her in cash while Anek departed with the balance.

Emmanuel Bongomin, the Committee Vice Chairperson however questioned why Akello must demand for payment after taking care of her own aunt who was also supported by well-wishers at no cost.

But Anek, said that she was not disturbed by her caretaker`s demand and wholeheartedly given the money although it was uncalled for. She only praised God for giving her good health.