Parliamentary Committee on Apaa Asks Government to De-gazzete Disputed Areas

The select Committee of Parliament set up to investigate evictions and displacement of residents living the disputed Apaa area has asked government to de-gazette the disputed area.

The six-member committee led by Ms Agness Amede, the Butedo District Woman Member of Parliament in their report said de-gazetting the disputed area will resolve the Apaa land conflict.

The February 2020 report which was tabled on the floor of Parliament on Wednesday further states that de-gazetting the area for human settlement will offset probable costs of compensation or relocation.

The committee also recommended that individuals who settled in Apaa way back in 2011 are only those who will receive compensation. The community has been categorised into three groups. First is those who settled in the area before the LRA led insurgency. Secondly, those who resettled in the area during the return process and lastly, the recent occupants who came as ambitious individuals to partake of free land in the wake of the conflict.

The select committee on Apaa was set on January 23, 2019 after politicians from Amuru District accused security forces of brutality on local population living in the disputed 27 square kilometer Apaa area.