Market Vendors Accounts for 60% of COVID-19 Patients Treated at Gulu Hospital

A new report by Gulu District COVID-19 Taskforce indicates that 60 percent of Coronavirus patients treated or undergoing treatment at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital are market vendors from Elegu Border Town in Amuru District.

Restaurant workers, medical staff at private facilities, truck drivers and charcoal dealers account for 40% admission at the hospital.

Since May 17, when the first case was admitted at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital, at least 163 people have been treated for COVID-19. Of these, 124 were treated and discharged after recovering from the virus.

According to the report dated July 21, 38 people are still being treated at the hospital after testing positive.

The report further indicates that community infections in Gulu has surpassed that of the cargo truck drivers. However, no figures were provided to substantiate the claim.

The report also indicates that Acholi sub region accounts for 22 percent of the total COVID-19 positive cases registered in the country. Buganda region, 46 percent followed by Busoga at 7 percent. West Nile, Busoga and Bugisu, for 6 percent. The least cases are recorded in Bunyoro (4 percent) and Ankole (4).