Kalembe Promises To Address Inequality

Independent Presidential Candidate Nancy Linda Kalembe has pledged to fight inequality in Uganda through her movement dubbed ‘’Mission 56’’.

Kalembe said she is astonished and shocked by the appalling states of livelihoods, education, wealth, health, access to social services and livelihoods in Acholi, West Nile and the Karamoja regions.

Kalembe, the only female presidential candidate, was speaking in Gulu City on Tuesday last week during a campaign in northern Uganda.

She pointed out that her ‘’Mission 56’’ which aims at ‘‘Leaving No One Behind’’ is representative of Uganda’s 56 tribes and that each of these tribes must benefit equally from what Uganda offers.

She accused the NRM government of ‘forgetting’ northern, eastern Uganda and the Karamoja region. Kalembe last week held campaigns in the Karamoja, Gulu and West Nile. She told journalists that she is the only presidential candidate who will take care of citizens regardless of tribe, religion and political party.

Nancy Akello, a voter in Gulu said that she was moved by Kalembe`s confidence of running for the presidency against ten men.