Only 4.9 Percent of Pupil in Acholi passed PLE in Division One

Only 9,921 out of the 27,772 pupils who sat for Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) in the various centres in the eight (8) districts in Acholi sub region scored Division One.

This translates into just 4.9 percent of the total number of pupils who sat for the national exams scored Division One.

The candidates who excelled in the national exams include 1,377 males and 469 females.

Gulu was the best with 697 pupils passing in Division One. This includes 385 boys and 312 girls.

Kitgum came second best with 168 boys and 111 girls passing in Division One.

Omoro came third with 120 pupils in Division One, followed by Agago (75), Amuru (62) and Pader (59), Lamwo (49).

Nwoya came last with 36 pupils passing in Division One.

Meanwhile 9,999 passed in Division II, 6,663 in Division III, 5,066 in Division IV, 4,185 in Division U and 505 in Division X.

At least 27,720 candidates sat their finals in Acholi sub region in 2020.