Bishop Odama Cautions Politicians Against Using Youths for Evil

Bishop Odama cautioned politicians against misleading the young

The Bishop of Gulu Archdiocese, John Baptist Odama has asked politicians and leaders not to use young people for evil deeds as the country gears towards the 2021 polls.

Odama advised that young people should be fed on deeds that can improve their life and society.

The Bishop was on Sunday last week delivering his Easter message at a mass at Holy Rosary Church in Gulu town.

The Bishop explained that some politicians use youth for aggression and violence.

The Bishop advised the youth to be wise and use their energy for the good of the nation through embracing unity and humanity.

He also appealed to the elderly to be custodians of wisdom to guide the youth away from the evil.

The Gulu Archdiocese Bishop asked religious, political and cultural leaders to guide the society in the ways of Christ rather than for their own interests.

The mass was attended by hundreds of believers who ululated in joy as they celebrated the triumph of Jesus over death.