Nanga Singer Ogwang Kilippa to be Honoured

Ogwang Kilipa playing Nanga at his former home in Ginnery Oryang Ojuma in Kitgum municipality

By Okanokodi EMar

A drive aimed at honouring legendary Nanga singer Ogwang Kilipa has been started by the Acholi community in the United Kingdom and Uganda.

In a communication dated 12 October, the “Ogwang Klippa Honor Committee” said the singer will be honoured for his contribution to Acholi culture, performing arts, dance and music.

‘‘For decades, and under difficult situations, including war, Ladit Kilipa made significant achievements in keeping Acoli performing arts alive,’’ read the communication from Okot Malan, himself a well-known singer and performer.

“Kilipa has earned the respect of his peers and the entire Acholi community and is a role model to me and to Ladit Watmon,” the communications said, while referring to another renowned Nanga great, Watmon.

The event to honour Kilipa is scheduled for January 2020 in Patongo, Agago on a yet to be communicated date.

A committee to honour Ogwang Kilipa in the UK is headed by Okot Malan and the Uganda one by Lamot Patrick Louis. Deputy Chief Justice Owiny Dollo, is offering guidance to the committee.

In recent years Kilipa’s health has deteriorated. He has since relocated from Kitgum back home to Patongo, in his beloved Agago.  In 2017,  Acholi Times published a story about his plight. In the aftermath, some well-wishers including conducted a fundraising drive to enable him to get immediate medical assistance at Gulu Referral Hospital.

‘‘As Ladit Kilipa is nearing the end of his life, we would like to acknowledge his achievements while he is still with us.’’

Kilipa will be honoured with a life achievements award. There are also plans to honour others who have made substantial contributions to the Acoli community but Kilipa will be the first. On the day of the event, there will be a prayer service and performances by various artists.

By his own account, Kilipa claims he has composed about 430 songs.

For more on preparations to honour Ogwang Kilipa, contact Lamot Patrick Louis on +256782609311