LRA Abducts 43 children in DR Congo, CAR, Says New Report

A new report has said that the Lords Resistance Army has abducted 43 children in Central African Republic (CAR) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2019.

The report is by the charity Invisible Children and its local partners.

Camille Marie-Regnault, the Invisible Children’s Regional Protection and Conflict Analysis Coordinator said though the LRA no longer makes international headlines, the group’s continued abduction of children proves that it has not simply disappeared.

The rebel group is led Joseph Kony who has an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court.

Thirty-seven of the abducted children, according to Camille Marie-Regnault, are still missing.

Information on the abduction was documented as part of the organization’s Crisis Tracker project, which has been recording attacks, abductions, and killings of civilians in the region for almost 10 years.

Over the last decade, according to the group, LRA has been active in northern DRC and eastern CAR, abducting more than 7,500 Congolese and Central African civilians since 2008.

In 2019, the LRA has abducted 222 civilians, so far, according the Crisis Tracker Project.