Gulu Butchers Cry Out Over High Slaughter Fees

The butchers and Gulu Municipal Technocrats in a meeting at the Office of the Town Clerk on Wednesday(Jesse Johnson James)

By Jesse Johnson James

Butchers in Gulu Municipality are demanding for a 50% reduction on slaughter fees levied on them by the Gulu municipal authorities for animals slaughtered.

Under their umbrella body, Gulu Livestock Dealers Association, the butchers say the current fee of 24,000 shilling  per cow slaughtered and 12,00 per goat is way too high.

The butchers laid out their grievances in a meeting  on Wednesday with the Gulu Municipal Technical Planning Committee. The meeting took place in the Town Clerk’s office.

The butchers say they carried out a survey in Lira, Elegu at the Uganda- South Sudan border and in Kitgum and found that the Gulu municipal authorities are charging them higher levies.

Kilama Christopher, a member of the Butchers’ association urged the Gulu municipal authorities to pick a leaf from their counterparts in Lira, Kitgum and Elegu.

“Our business is dwindling,’’ complained Francis Odongpiny, another butcher who blamed the difficulties their business is facing on the high slaughter fees from the municipality.

Kasiano Olanya, the Chairperson of Gulu District Butchers Association said they want the slaughter fees reduced as they also foot the cost of  additional slaughter fees to the Islamic community, the Veterinary officer, and administrative costs of running the butchery.

Denise Nono, the Secretary of Finance Planning and Administration of Gulu Municipal Council said the butchers’ complaints will be presented before the municipal council for a resolution to be made.

Mr Nono however said for now the butchers have to continue paying the current fees.

George Nicolas Kidega, the Gulu Municipal Head of Finance who chaired the meeting on behalf of the Town Clerk, said the demand of the butchers if met will lead to a reduction in revenue collection  by the municipality.

At the Gulu Main Abattoir, 20 to 24 cattle are slaughtered daily with  Gulu municipality collecting fees of between 480,000 to 576,000 shillings daily.