Police Officer Shot Dead by Unknown Gunmen in Gulu City

A police officer attached to the Field Force Unit (FFU) in Gulu City was in the early hours of Friday morning shot dead by unknown gunmen.

Police Constable Simon Okot Onencan, No. 28120 was killed at around 3AM at Pece Lukung, just 200 metres from the  Gulu Police Barracks.

The assailants however fled and left the AK 47 rifle Registration Number 56-5827712-32506 with 30 round ammunitions near his body.

Police detectives visited the scene of crime and recovered four spent cartridges.

Circumstances surrounding the killing of Okot is unclear.

David Ongom Madong, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson said no arrest has been made in connection with the murder incident but investigations into the matter are ongoing.