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  • Forgiveness Heals, Mau Mau War Veteran tells LRA Survivors

    Mr Gitu Wa Kahengeri, a Kenyan war veteran who fought the oppressive British colonial rule during the Mau Mau uprising has asked individuals who survived the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels brutality to forgive their tormentors. The 96-year-old says no one should ignore the power of forgiveness if they have to move forward after going […]

  • Man Commits Suicide over Incest

    Man Commits Suicide over Incest

    A 21 year old man in Peya village, Ongako Sub County in Gulu district decided to commit suicide rather than live with the shame of being caught in uncompromising situation with his niece. Mr Geoffrey Ocitti is reported to have ingested a pesticide to end his life. It is alleged that he was caught in […]

  • Ex-LRA Combatants Apologise over Atrocities on Civilians

    Former Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) child soldiers have apologized for the heinous crimes they committed against the civilian population in northern Uganda. United Nations child agency Unicef estimates that over 30,000 children were abducted and recruited as fighters, sex slaves and porters during the two decades LRA led violence which drove close to two million […]

  • Gulu RDC, Youth Disagree over Sport betting

    Mr Andrew Moses Awany, the acting Resident District Commissioner (RDC) for Gulu has said the tendency among youth of counting on luck rather than engaging in gainful activities is a waste of time that will backfire in the future. Awany noted that by rushing into gambling, the youth think it is quick fix to their […]

  • Pig Rearing offers Glimpse of Hope for former Gulu Ex- LRA Abductees

    Pig Rearing offers Glimpse of Hope for former Gulu Ex- LRA Abductees

    Former child soldiers who were forcefully abducted and conscripted into the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) ranks have embarked on piggery with hope to restore their lives after years in captivity. Due to lack of specific programs to address their challenges, they have embarked on piggery and commercial tree planting to ease their burden. Mr Douglas […]

  • FDC Party Officials warn its Youth against Extreme Demonstration

    Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party officials in Gulu have strongly cautioned its youth wing against resorting to extreme forms of demonstration against former Prime Minister, Mr Amama Mbabazi. Mbabazi is expected to visit Gulu on the 14th of this month ahead of next year’s planned general elections. The warning comes on the back of last […]

  • Gulu Leaders Blame Malaria Epidemic on Misuse of Mosquito Nets

    Local authorities in Gulu district have blamed the current upsurge in cases of malaria to the misuse of insecticide treated mosquito nets distributed by the government through the Ministry of Health under the Malaria Control Program. After families in rural Gulu received treated mosquito nets last year, there have been reports of illegal trade and […]

  • An American couple that has been visiting Uganda for the last 16 years has constructed at least 78 boreholes at return sites in rural parts of Gulu district worth Shs1.7 billion. Since 2011, Mr David Mann and his wife Dana Mann from the US State of Texas through their Charity organization, Villages of Hope have […]

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