New Private Abattoir Opens in Gulu

By Emar Okanokodi

A new privately-owned abattoir is set to open tomorrow in Gulu.

The abattoir on six acres is in Laliya Onguru, about 5kms out of Gulu town.

It was built at a cost of 150 million shilling and is owned by businessman and farmer, Jokene Timothy Okee.

The facility is fitted with a slaughter house, washing sinks, storage facilities, cooling rooms and a motorized water source.

“I have been to the abattoir in Gulu and the hygiene is really wanting,’’ said Mr Jokene.

‘‘People find themselves sick meat related sickness but don’t realize the source of their sickness is from the meat they eat that comes from the dirty abattoir” he added.

Gulu currently depends on just one abattoir which was built decades ago.

Value addition to meat and meat products and job creation is among the reasons Jokene says he opened the abattoir which is expected to directly employ 10 people and indirectly benefit many others.

Gulu is yet to construct a new abattoir with support from the World Bank’s support to Municipals. The land for the project has been procured but the money has not yet been released leaving the municipality to depend on the old abattoir.