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  • Lessons from King Leopold’s Ghost on Uganda’s chameleon journalists

    In Adam Hochschild’s ‘‘King Leopold’s Ghost,’’ there is a chapter titled ‘‘Journalists won’t give you receipts.’’ King Leopold II was the shrewd, deceptive and megalomaniac King of Belgium whose barbaric misrule of the Congo left, according to estimates, 10 million Congolese dead and countless more limbless. A pretentious Leopold had in the 18th century scramble […]

  • Trumps Victory and the Uganda connection

    Unthinkable as it seemed at the beginning of the American presidential campaigns, Donald John Trump is the president- elect of the powerful United States of America. Only days before voting, President Obama derided Trump as a man who could not be trusted with his own Twitter account. At the time media reports had emerged that […]

  • Will The Iron Hands Of the Police Produce Iron Citizens

    The police is in the news for all the wrong reasons. General Kale Kayihura, its head, is an unpopular man by a difficult-to- measure but certainly large section of Uganda’s chattering class. It is generally a good sign for Uganda’s future that the police boss and his methods is loathed by the talking class. First, […]

  • A shootout that reminded of a dark sad past

      Sunday night we planned to watch the Germany- Ukraine football game with my German neighbour and friend. ‘‘I would like to watch the German team sing the Germany national anthem,’’ she had told me earlier in the day. ‘‘Patriotic German,’’ I joked. Then we had a chat about what we needed later in the […]

  • Are today’s obscurantists tomorrow’s heroes?

    A month or so ago, former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate, Dr Kiiza Besigye celebrated his 60th birthday. Excluding his time in the Luwero jungles, a decade and a half of those years (and still counting) have been spent in the trenches and on the receiving end of brutal blows from a State run […]

  • Pointers To Untangling The Simon Toolit Disappearance Saga

      Simon Toolit Akecha, the former Member of Parliament for Omoro County (2006-2011) in Gulu district and a candidate in the February parliamentary elections has vanished. Mr Toolit, according to his son, who was with him in the same house, was abducted by armed men at around 3 am on Wednesday morning from his home […]

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