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  • From the ruins of war in northern Uganda, emerges literary gems

    There are things better expressed through poetry. The commonest being love. Stunned by the beauty of Lapobo, an awed AR Cliff Lubwa p’Chong marveled: ‘‘Lapobo, tall but not too tall…when I think of her, makes food drop off my hand.’’ Love triggers poetic expression. The opposite of love too triggers poetry. When the walls of […]

  • An essay on Mao and the art of skillful deployment of language

    On the Capital Gang, the public affairs talkshow on Capital FM this past Saturday, missiles jutted from the hip and mouth of Democratic Party president (DP), Norbert Mao.  Understandable considering that days before, Mao had been in the trenches with Butambala Member of Parliament Mwanga Kivumbu who he blitzkrieged as a ‘‘meal-card’’ politician. On the […]

  • No Sachet Waragi consumed in Acoli is safe, says new study

    A newly published scientific paper on the risks posed by consumption of satchet waragi has found that ‘‘no alcohol consumed in Acoli is safe’’. The study titled: ‘‘Assessing the health risks of consuming ‘sachet’ alcohol in Acoli, Uganda’’ was published in a US- based journal, PLOS ONE, on February 27, 2019. On its website, PLOS […]

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